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Irene Cerboncini - Soprano




“I can tell whether the soprano singing Tosca is going to be exciting or disappointing just by the way she sings the tricky ascent to the B flat in “le voci delle cose”, something Irene Cerboncini delivered with ease, caressing the high note with perfect pitch.  And sure enough, the Genoese soprano turned out to be quite a good Tosca.  Her sizeable voice, a true spinto, has plenty of ring at the top due to an accurate use of her resonating “chamber”,that is the “maschera”.  Very effective was her crescendo on “Egli vede ch’io piango!”; her top was normally reliable: one high C and one high B during the confrontation with Scarpia were a little unfocused and flat, while the infamous high C of “la lama” turned out secure, loud and endless.  Another litmus test for a great Tosca is the very end of “Vissi d’arte”, with the treacherous final descending intervals: while she did not work miracles in terms of legato and perfect breath support, it was nevertheless decorous.  She was probably the most experienced member of the cast, with a twenty-year career behind her in some of the most prestigious international opera companies; her svelte and attractive looks completed the package.”

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